December 9, 2019

Every Working Women’s Wardrobe Top 10 Must-haves

Women have a lot of variety to choose from, unlike men. Especially when you are working, there are some must-haves for your wardrobe which shouldn’t be missed. If it’s your first day at work and if you are brainstorming about what outfit to wear, worry not. Instead of piling up unnecessary stuff into your closet, we get to you Top 10 wardrobe requisites for working women. You ladies already have a pretty hectic time, let us make it a bit simpler for you.

1. A figure-fitting blazer

A blazer is a must-have for all working women. Easy to pair with any shirt, it’s perfect for business meetings or conferences. It gives you a very formal yet sophisticated demeanor.


2. A pair of perfectly fitting trousers

Trousers are necessary when you need to attend official meetings or any assignment. Investing in pants will go a long way. Pick out primary colors like black or white, which are easy to pair with any shirt.


3. Heels

What better than pairing your formals with the perfect set of heels to accentuate your look? It not only looks bold but also adds a style statement to your overall look. Peep toes, stilettos or pumps any will look good with office wear. Make sure you buy the comfortable ones that you can walk around all day in.


4. A men’s style watch

Grab the next stylish men’s watch you see to add to your outfit to give that badass look. Men’s watch usually stands out on a lady’s hands, and that conveys attitude.


5. A pencil skirt

You can suit to pair a pencil skirt with a plaid shirt, and you are good to go. You can wear them for meetings or formal discussions. It overall looks elegant.


6. HandBag

This goes without saying, right? Your purse is essential since you carry all your keys, IDs, cards, etc. in it. Go for a long-lasting handbag that suits your needs. Invest in a lasting bag with more space to store things.


7. Neutral Flats

Just as heels are a necessity, so are flats. The days you feel to carry a simple look is when flats come handy. The best thing about wearing flats is that they go with any outfit. You can wear it with a pencil skirt and shirt, or team it with trousers as well. Go for neutral colors since they go with all looks.


8. A button-up shirt

Button-up shirts never go out of fashion, don’t they? You can pair them up with skirts or pants, and they both work well. They look classy and are never too old. Stock up on these shirts since they are so comfortable and you can wear them all week. Here you can select vibrant and bold shades to stand out.


9. Diamond Earring/ Studs

Jewelry for corporates needs to be small and delicate pieces. A pair of small-sized studs are going to save you a lot of time. Your best buy would be small studs in different colors to match your outfit daily. Or you can go to diamond earrings in simple designs to keep your look impressive and straightforward.


10. A casual evening dress

Pick out a simple casual attire suitable for office parties. A long flowy gown or a medium-sized, the short dress will always be helpful. If you have any office parties after work, you can quickly change into something more comfortable.

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