December 9, 2019

My List of 10 unmissable Web Series

The cool thing about technology is that it has made entertaining content available from all around the world. Content providers have upped their game and the plethora of amazing content is mindblowing. Here is my list of 10 super cool web series to watch:

1. Peaky Blinders A British crime series based in 1919. The series follows the exploits of the Shelby crime family. Each episode is gripping and a must watch. OTT Platform – Netflix

2. Yeh Meri Family A comedy web series that’s relatable to any one born in the early 90’s in India. A warm and fuzzy feeling of innocence and association comes about with this series. OTT Platform – Netflix

3. This is Us A comedy drama series based on the life of a family of 3 kids and their journey which shuttles between their childhood and adult life. A definite tear jerker in some scenes. OTT Platform – Amazon Prime

4. Delhi Crime A dramatized picturization of the Nirbhaya rape case that rocked India. An up close view of how the investigation was conducted and the culprits arrested. OTT Platform – Netflix

5. The Bletchley Circle A mystery drama series based on 4 women from the 50’s who from military code breakers turn into investigators. Strong women characters is the highlight of this series with interesting twists and turns. OTT Platform – Netflix

6. Ghoul A Indian psychological thriller on a dystopian future. A look into where we could be if we continue to live the way we do in this world. OTT Platform – Netflix

7. Money Heist Is a Spanish heist crime drama series. Its full of drama, action and mystery. The Spanish adds the oomph to this series. The actors par excellence. OTT Platform – Netflix

8. The OA Mystery drama series based on science fiction, supernatural and fantasy. OTT Platform – Netflix

9. Breathe A suspenseful gripping tale of what a father can do to save his child. With Madhavan at its helm, the acting is superb. OTT Platform – Amazon Prime

10. The Marvelous Mrs Maisel A coming to age comedy series of a female comedian based in the 50’s. The journey and tribulations of a woman who picks a bold profession unheard of during that time. OTT Platform – Netflix

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