December 9, 2019

Top 10 international desserts you must try before you die

We cannot deny the fact that desserts bring utter joy to our souls. The sight of a beautiful dessert makes us happy, the joy of eating a dessert is unbelievably satisfying. Even though lots of stuff is being said about how sugar is bad for health and fitness, the fact remains that delicious desserts are and will continue be our weakness. The sweet aromas of a cake baking, the luscious soft creamy ice cream, the pudding that melts in the mouth are oh such amazing smells & visuals. The brain releases dopamine even in the anticipation of a dessert. Desserts have dedicated tv shows, which not only stir up the soul but also makes one feel the desire to reach out for the dessert. For all such lovers of the desserts here is a list of few of the must have desserts before you die:


1.Tres Leches – Mexican Milk cake

The beauty of this simple dessert is the comfort it offers. It’s a traditional Mexican dessert consisting of a sponge cake that is soaked in a milky custard made with 3 different types of milk. Mama mia!! Its heavenly and a must try for all the dessert lovers out there!


2. Cronuts – Doughnut with a twist

Created in New York by a chef in recent times, this is an amazing invention. Warm doughnut with cold custard filling is called a cronut. Its heart warming and an amazing conversation starter!


3. Aish el Saraya – Lebanese Bread Pudding

This is a simple yet very tasty eggless recipe that goes very well after a meal of Indian or Lebanese cuisine. It’s a light dessert that is eggless and flavoured with rose water or orange blossom.


4. Gelo Di Melone – Sicilian pudding with cinnamon

This is Italy’s must try dessert after a meal of Aglio olio pasta. Muah! The refreshing watermelon with a touch of cinnamon is to die for. In Italy it is served with whipped cream and pistachios.


5. Basbousa – Middle Eastern Cake with egg

This is a semolina cake made with the goodness of eggs, desiccated coconut and flour. It’s a party dessert and is served during Ramadan Iftars in the middle east.


6. Torta de Santiago – Spanish Almond Cake

This is an almond cake or pie, originating from a region in the northwest of Spain. The cake is made of almond, with a flavoring of lemon zest, sweet wine, brandy or grape marc. The top of this almond pie is decorated with powdered sugar and is always imprinted with the cross of St. James.


7. Lamingtons – Australian desert squares

Made from butter squares or sponge cakes and coated with chocolate sauce and rolled in desiccated coconut. They are moist and utterly comforting and yumm!


8. Serra Durra – Portuguese dessert

Its also called sawdust pudding, it’s a Goan Portuguese dessert. Needs no baking or cooking. Simple and chilled dessert made with crushed biscuits with layers of thick whipped cream.


9. Mandazi – South Sudan’s fritters

Mandazi is fried bread fritter which is made with flour, using coconut milk for that tenderness and ground cinnamon for that jolt of spice. Its sprinkled with varied toppings the favorite being powdered sugar. This goes very well with a cup of coffee or chai.


10. Pavlova – Australian Meringue

Meringue dessert with soft crisp crust topped with cream and fresh fruit. A must have dessert round the year. Aussies and Kiwis both claim this as their national dessert. Well it’s a must try!!

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