December 9, 2019

Top 10 things a man should own

What does a man need beyond all the basic needs of food, shelter, water, and clothes? A man also needs a means of income. Many people mistakenly find a man owning cars, cigars, axe, etc. to be more manly as compared to others. However, these things are barely the necessary items that a man should own. A man needs to own things that improve the quality of his life. Here is a list of items that should be owned by a man.

1. Watch

First and foremost thing that comes to the mind is watching. A watch is a thing that every man should own. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars on a watch but you can at least spend 500 dollars to buy a good watch. With this price range, you can find a watch that will work properly for years in the style that suits you.


2. Comfortable Shoes

A man should own a pair of comfortable shoes that can go with every outfit and one pair of running shoes. You can have as many pairs of shoes you want but you need to have at least one comfortable good looking shoe in your wardrobe.


3. Running Shoes

Besides the comfortable dress shoes, running shoes should be owned by you if you are keen to work out. They help you stay fit and healthy by providing proper alignment and strength to your feet while you run.


4. Socks

A good pair of socks is a must in your wardrobe. Men generally face the problem of smelly feet because of sweating. This can be avoided if you have a pair of socks that will comfort your feet all day long whether you are strolling, hiking, or Manning a desk. Your socks can also help you to pop off your personality when they are visible between the foot and the cuff of your pants. Good socks are also affordable and you can soon find comfort in this luxury.


5. Handkerchiefs

Besides the socks, a man should also own a set of good handkerchiefs. They come in handy all the time. Whether you are sweaty by walking in the sun, your face feels sticky after a drive to the office, or you just simply want to wipe off your wet hands or any grease, you will find yourself in the immediate need of a handkerchief.


6. A well-fitted suit

A man must own a well-fitted suit in his wardrobe. You can use them in corporate functions, weddings, exotic dates, interviews, etc. You can go for good brands with durability in your price range. Even if you do not wear a suit that often, you can use the blazer of your suit and pair it up with your clothes to make you look stylish.


7. Luggage

Another item to be must in your belongings is good quality luggage. If you are a frequent traveller then great luggage is a must. If you travel occasionally or for business purposes, you still need to own fine luggage that can last for at least a few years.


8. Pocket knife

A pocket knife is another useful thing that a man should own. There are several types of pocket knives in the market. The pocket knife of the right type can help you open a bottle, slice a fruit, file your nails, scale a fish, or saw through a branch.


9. Whiskey Glasses

A good set of Whiskey Glasses can easily enhance the whole experience of sipping. These whiskey glasses also help to elevate the look of your bar. You can enjoy sipping from these glasses while reading your favourite book.


10. Decanter

Whether you are a whiskey or wine person or you just want to serve water in a fancy way, all you need to buy yourself is a good decanter. There is a wide variety of options for a good decanter apart from crystal glass.

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